The genre effect….

An observation has occurred to me of late while scrolling through the library of games on my Xbox One, My list of genres appears to have dwindled…

As a kid I would love playing just about anything and everything (bar sports games, go kick a ball outside or something…) From platformers to point and clicks, Racing to fighting it was all fair game as long as it had some enjoyability.

As I’ve aged though my tastes appear to have changed, to the point now where I tend to stick to three or four genres, I’d like to say this is down to the industry churning out the same few triple A games each year but it’s not, my focus has shifted I get less excited by certain projects etc.

This isn’t to say I don’t enjoy all those games but predominantly my library consists of shooters, racers and puzzle games.

I’ve pondered the reasoning behind this and it would seem that subconsciously I’m playing these games mostly due to the fact that they offer the most play time, I never made this decision. It has been made for me. It appears to be a part of the aging process and being more aware of a few things….

The time I have to play…

The money I have to spend…

The amount of game I can get for that money…

These three things seem to combine deep in my mind to make choices for me when ordering games.

I’ll still play other genres and actually some of my best experiences of the last 12 months have been from games like Inside for example. However I tend to now wait for these games to drop in price or pop up in deals before purchasing.

It’s an unusual analysis and one I hope doesn’t become worse the older I get…..


The Introduction….

As I sit here trying to figure out a decent introduction into what will hopefully become a fully fledged chronicle of my (not so) blossoming gaming career I hit the realisation that you the reader have probably just stumbled here by accident.

Be it a miss type, a badly placed hit on a stupid link or just plain curiosity. I’ve come to terms with this, I’m not famous, people aren’t searching the globe for me to witness my (not so) amazing skills with a controller, no. I’m just your average middle aged gamer with a light passion for writing and a big passion for games.

Your probably now asking yourself what this is all about exactly? Well truth be told it’s actually all to do with an odd experience I’ve been dealing with lately.

You see as a child my passion for gaming was as big if not bigger than anybody I knew, I’d digest the latest gaming news on a daily basis, I’d build up piles upon piles of gaming magazines (Yeah magazines about games, Google it.) And my walls would be constantly updated with posters of the latest characters and games coming my way and I’d play feverishly every single day.

As I’ve become older the magazines have gone and the posters replaced with nice pictures of family life and pets but the passion hasn’t died, not one single ounce. 


My body and my mind are aging, I’m beginning to notice these changes actually being reflected in my gaming habits and my ability to play. It’s a phenomenon that has little to no recognition on the internet.

So, in the interests of science (and for my own slowly aging mind) I’ve decided to document my ongoing experiences as I age alongside this beloved industry of mine to show how aging has affected the skills, tastes and ability to accept new ideas and concepts.

Alongside​ these hopefully regular posts I intend to pepper articles about gaming news and maybe the odd review from the perspective of an aging gamer.

I hope this journey becomes insightful for those that read this and maybe even for myself…

Tom – The middle aged gamer.